The GoLinks advantage

You may have heard of or even used golink-like systems. Many of these systems were born from companies that did something else entirely. We are not that. We are dedicated to bringing you the best experience and features set for all your golink needs.

Golink Freedom

You can use golinks on any network without a dns entry. Leverage golinks when working from home, a coffee shop, or even on a plane. Most systems only work within your corporate network.

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Golink Programmatic Links

Programmatic Links. You can program your golinks to ingest variables, defaults, and pass throughs. Makes links like go/git/searchword and go/somepage?key=value possible.

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Golink Access

You can decide who has access to golinks from your company. Fine-grain control of who is allowed to access your golink instance.

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Golink Browser Extension

The GoLinks browser extension and its wealth of features. No extensions exist in current home grown, internally developed golinks systems within companies.

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GoLinks Single-Sign-On G Suite
GoLinks Single-Sign-On One-Login
GoLinks Single-Sign-On

Single sign-on

We leverage the most commonly use SSO services or work with you to create custom SAML integrations.

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GoLinks Single-Sign-On Okta
GoLinks Single-Sign-On SAML
Golink Search AI

We leverage natural language processing (NLP) to deliver actionable golink error pages for misspelling.

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Golink History

Complete audit trail of golinks changes.

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