Replace lengthy URLs with intuitive golinks to get your organization on the same page faster.

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Golinks are better together

Create golinks your entire team or organization will use. Make hunting down bookmarks and copying and pasting long urls a thing of the past. This is the future of work.

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Door Dash

Connect To All Your Internal Tools

Create golinks for your team’s commonly used resources on the internet or intranet.

Connect and build smarter by using golinks with all your favorite apps like G Suite, Slack, GitHub, JIRA, Asana.

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Mobile GoLinks

Trackable, Discoverable, Manageable

Skip the back and forth over email and stop asking “where was that?” ever again. Discover trending golinks and manage golinks from a unified dashboard.

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Mobile GoLinks

Teams Like Yours Use GoLinks

We’re enterprise ready with quick integration, single sign-on, 99.9% uptime SLA, priority support, company onboarding and training.

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Mobile GoLinks

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Secure GoLinks

You own it. We secure it.

Your organization won't need to compete with anyone else for golink keywords. Only those with organization credentials can create, view, and use golinks.

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GoLinks Dashboard

Team-centric dashboard.

See trending golinks, view golinks usage, and modify golinks from an intuitive dashboard.

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Programmatic GoLinks

Flexible programmatic golinks.

Create golinks that inject variables, defaults, and pass throughs.

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Teams increasing efficiency with GoLinks

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We'd like to think that we helped our customers to save time to create and innovate more...or at least make it to happy hour faster.

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