Replace long URLs with short and secure go links
that are only accessible by your team.

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How does GoLinks work?

How does it work?

Our platform allows your employees to get to frequently used websites faster by transforming long URLs into easy-to-remember links.
Go links follow you, not your device. Simply log into your account on any device to access them.

Before GoLinks
Transform your GoLinks
After GoLinks

Less of this...

Slack conversations before GoLinks

More of this

Slack conversations after GoLinks

Get Connected with GoLinks accessible by all team members
Stay connected

Your go links are accessible by your entire team, making it easy to get everyone on the same page.

Distinctive GoLinks for promotional pieces
Easy to remember

Use them around the workplace to make sure promotional pieces won't be forgotten.

User-centric GoLinks dashboard
Smart dashboard

See trending go links and manage existing links from a user-centric dashboard.

GoLinks browser extensions
Robust browser extension

The GoLinks browser extension lets you create go links without leaving your current webpage.

View recently created go links and get quick access to your GoLinks dashboard.

GoLinks belong to your company
Go links belong to your company and are only accessible by your company’s employees

We keep your go links secure and private, only allowing those that have a verified account with your company to view, use, and create go links.

GoLinks Dashboard and Mobile
Change the destination, keep the keyword

The GoLinks dashboard makes changing the destination of a go link simple. Modify the existing URL and keep the keyword. Your team will appreciate less 404 Error pages.

Each go link includes a comprehensive history of updates made.

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