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Features to keep your golinks library in tip-top shape

We know how tough it can be to manage hundreds of resources and team members. The GoLinks dashboard is your all-in-one solution to ease that pain. Update golink destinations, see usage trends, and search confidently. We've got you covered.

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Golink basics

Golinks are listed individually with the following info:
• The golink
• The URL it redirects to
• A description of the golink
• Who created the link and when it was created

Golink basics Golink basics
Trends and usage

Didn't see that poster regarding the guest speaker? Not a problem. Team members can see a list of trending golinks amongst your organization.

Your organization can also see usage for individual golinks. Is the golink you created making a splash?

Golink basics Golink basics
Golink basics
Search confidently

Golinks uses AI (Natural language processing) technology to enable you to target the exact resource you are looking for...even if you misspell it or only remember it partially.

Golink basics
Eliminate 404 errors

Changing the destination of a golink is simple. Modify the existing URL and keep the keyword. Your team will appreciate less 404 error pages.

Each golink includes a comprehensive history of updates made.

Additional features include

admin controls
Admin controls

Free and Enterprise specific Administrator and team settings.

Learn about Enterprise controls
Slack integrations
Manage Slack integration

Bring the power of GoLinks into your Slack channels.

Learn about the GoLinks Slack app
turnaround support
Quick turnaround support

Have questions, concerns, or feedback? We pride ourselves in quickly responding to your needs.

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