Security and privacy is our top priority.

GoLinks Advantage

Best Practices

We don’t take your security lightly. We follow extensive processes and test rigorously to ensure that your information is protected.

Golink Security Team
Security for team members & administrators

• SAML Based SSO - Enterprise-level Administrators can integrate their Single Sign On provider.
• Access Logging - We log every time someone logs in into your GoLink instance with details about their type of device and IP address of the connection.

Server Protection
Servers and networking

All servers that run GoLinks software in production are recent, continuously patched Linux systems. Our web servers use the strongest grade of HTTPS security (TLS 1.2) so that requests are protected from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks. Our SSL certificates are 2048 bit RSA, signed with SHA256.

Data encryption in transit and at rest

GoLink services support the latest recommended secure cipher suites and protocols to encrypt all traffic in transit. Customer Data is encrypted at rest.

Disaster Recovery
Availability and disaster recovery

Our infrastructure runs on systems that are fault tolerant, for failures of individual servers or even entire data centers. Customer Data is stored redundantly at multiple locations in our hosting provider’s data centers to ensure availability.


Security reviews

Want to know more? We'll accommodate specialized security needs like questionnaire and CISPs.

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