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GoLinks Chrome Extension

Packs a punch

Become a GoLinks pro with our browser extension. This allows you to use the go/[keyword] function in your address bar and will automatically detect and transform any golinks on screen into clickable links.

GoLinks Resolve GoLinks Resolve

Please note, the browser extension is required in order to resolve golinks in your address bar.

Don't want to use the extension? Explore other options.
Golink Workflow

Make it part of your workflow

Create golinks without navigating to your dashboard or another page (even though we really like our dashboard!).

See your organization's trending golinks to make sure you're not missing out on anything (coming soon).

Golink Omnibox

Search confidently using your address bar

The GoLinks browser extension transforms your address bar into a powerful search tool for all your entire golinks library.

Simply type go/[space] to activate the function.

Golink Extensions

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Brave

Installation only takes a few seconds and will transform the way you use GoLinks. We've even placed a convenient link for you below.

Golink Privacy

Your privacy is our top priority

When installing the extension, you will be asked to provide a certain level of permission to GoLinks. Don't worry! This just enables us to scan for golinks and resolve them for you.

We NEVER read or keep any content, and we DO NOT have the ability to see the resource the golink points to.

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