Intuitive, secure, go links, shared by teams

GoLinks® improves productivity by helping teams find and share information fast with memorable short links called go/links.

Powering productivity in enterprises and startups across all industries
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Users love GoLinks on G2
GoLinks® is a leader in URL Shortener on G2
GoLinks® is a leader in URL Shortener on G2
GoLinks® is a leader in URL Shortener on G2
GoLinks® is a leader in URL Shortener on G2

Eliminate steps in finding information

The team link shortener that shortens your search — stop jumping through hoops to find what you need.
Golinks helps eliminate steps in finding information by using golinks

GoLinks® brings you directly to any resource

Use short links like go/github, go/zoom, and go/drive directly in your address bar to reach resources.
Go links brings you directly to your resources using go/links
Intuitive go links to get to resources faster

Easy-to-remember go links means fast recall

No more hunting for bookmarks. Customize short links with keywords that make sense to you and never waste time searching again.
Surfacing information easily with golinks

Surface company information easily

Commonly used go links will bubble up to the top of the dashboard and tags will allow teams to discover relevant resources.

Go links work with all your workplace apps

Create unlimited go links for your work apps like Google Drive or GitHub.
Create go links for yourself, your team, or your entire company.
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Golinks app hubspot
  • go/tasks
  • go/sequences
  • go/newdeals
Golinks App datadog
  • go/dashboard
  • go/network
  • go/apm
Golinks App dash
  • go/lunch
  • go/menu
  • go/receipts
Golinks App mailchimp
  • go/campaign
  • go/templates
  • go/ads
Golinks App docs
Google Docs
  • go/training
  • go/documentation
  • go/policies
Golinks App aws
  • go/monitor
  • go/logs
  • go/cloudwatch
Golinks App mixpanel
  • go/analytics
  • go/benefits
  • go/handbook
Golinks App github
  • go/git
  • go/releases
  • go/pr
Golinks App jira
  • go/sprint
  • go/backlog
  • go/ticket
Golinks App okta
  • go/sso
  • go/security
  • go/password
Golinks App zoom
  • go/productroom
  • go/meet
  • go/workspaces
Golinks App zenefits
  • go/hr
  • go/benefits
  • go/handbook
Golinks App meet
  • go/meetwith
  • go/standup
  • go/watercooler
Golinks App salesforce
  • go/crm
  • go/deals
  • go/engagement
Golinks App slack
  • go/general
  • go/unread
  • go/files
Golinks App notion
  • go/newdoc
  • go/tasks
  • go/moma
Golinks App workday
  • go/workday
  • go/holidays
  • go/benefits
Golinks App outreach
  • go/deals
  • go/followup
  • go/calllog
Golinks App adp
  • go/mypay
  • go/followup
  • go/calllog

GoLinks® brings all your resources together

Resource collaboration happens in the dashboard, a single source-of-truth for docs, wikis, assets and more for the entire organization.
All your golinks in one simple-to-use dashboard

GoLinks features that teams love

GoLinks Roles and permissions
Roles and permissions

Choose how you want to manage GoLinks for your organization.

GoLinks Access without VPN
Access without VPN

Get peace of mind knowing you can access go links on your redeye flight.

GoLinks History and changelog
History and changelog

Each go link includes its own changelog for total transparency.

GoLinks Share verbally & visually
Visually & verbally

Share go links in hallway conversations, quick chats, or plaster it on posters.

GoLinks® Slack integration
Slack integration

Save time by sharing and resolving go links directly in Slack channels.

GoLinks Variable golinks
Variable golinks

Use one go link for multiple destinations with the use of variables.

GoLinks unlisted link with eyeball blocked out
Unlisted go links

Create hidden or personal go links that are only accessible by those you share with

GoLinks Quick Integration
Quick Integration

Roll out in minutes using our browser extension or DNS integration.

Install the GoLinks® browser extension to start for free

GoLinks® is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Brave

GoLinks create form on browser extension

Enterprises like yours use GoLinks

GoLinks® is enterprise-ready with quick integration, top-notch security, SSO, 99.95% uptime SLA, priority support, and more.
GoLinks® Enterprise Security
Enterprise security

Our security and uptimes meet industry and cloud-service standards.

GoLinks SAML Authentication
Single sign-on

OKTA, OneLogin, Azure, Ping, custom SAML, and auto provisioning options

GoLinks Multiple domains
Multiple domains

Share go links across a few or many domains your company may have.

GoLinks Migrate current solution
Migration support

We take care of migrating over any existing go links and accompanying data.

Get started for free

Try out GoLinks® for yourself

See a demo of GoLinks®

Get to know the platform with a walkthrough

Get started for free

Try out GoLinks® for yourself

If you've ever worked at a large tech company, you've experienced short links that aren't real domains such as //work. Golinks is working to bring this to all organizations. Can see this being ubiquitous across companies in a few years

We learned about GoLinks three months ago but didn't start using it. For two months, every time we had a moment where we had to type a complicated link into a browser we looked at each other smirking and shouted out what the GoLink would be... "GO WEEKLY", "GO PHLAUNCH", "GO PR" 😅 So eventually we had done this enough times that it was obvious to try out GoLinks. So we finally did and now we use GoLinks every day. Luv it.

When I worked at Google, one of my absolute favorite internal tools was go/links.

In short, it let you replace lengthy URLs with shorter go/links.

e.g. go/payroll
@GoLinks lets ANY organization build upon this amazing experience.

This is awesome! Google and a few other companies have their own custom solutions but it is much needed for everyone else. Kudos to the team on what looks like a slick and super useful product!

I may be late to discovering this - but the value creation in human time saving could be staggering

It's brilliant and elegant. I so love the Omnibox search feature. Keyboard actions will forever be faster and more satisfying than cursor actions.

came across an entire company for simple URLs to get teams on the same page