Intuitive, secure go links, shared by teams

Find and share information fast with memorable short links called golinks and knowledge discovery powered by generative AI.

GoLinks app dashboard for resource management.
The GoLinks Slack integration for knowledge management.
GoLinks generative AI work resource recommendations.
Powering productivity in enterprises and startups across all industries
GoLinks Customer Asana
GoLinks Customer Snowflake
GoLinks Customer Moderna
GoLinks Customer Instacart
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GoLinks Customer Salesloft
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GoLinks Customer Verkada
GoLinks Customer Snorkel AI
GoLinks Customer Cardlytics
GoLinks Customer Rivian

Find and share resources instantly

Built on memorable keywords, go links are easy to share verbally, visually, and in your favorite apps.
Go link shortcuts used in 3 different web browser tabs.
GoLinks AI Recommendations provided from dashboard search results.

Surface company information with AI

Type any question in our dashboard or Slack and get recommended resources and AI answers instantly.

What our customers are saying

“GoLinks [is] the single source of truth and unity where things feel organized and less cluttered. Nearly every team uses it daily. GoLinks is the gold standard.”
Nina Frank Internal Communication Associate
Nina Frank

Internal Comms Associate

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"I took to the tool quickly because of its simplicity, ease of deployment, and the team at GoLinks has always been very responsive."
Kristen Tronsky Chief People Officer
Johan Dowdy

Global Head of IT & IT Security

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“GoLinks is an easier way to access information rather than having to dig into places. It makes information instantly available vs having to search.”
Jack Canio IT Project Manager
Jack Canio

IT Project Manager

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GoLinks integrations for SaaS apps.

Integrate all your apps

Work without interruptions and collaborate more effectively across all your company apps.
GoLinks SaaS Analytics on company app usage.

See team insights

Get insights for shared knowledge clarity to better manage your team’s tools and resources.
Use go links in Safari on the GoLinks iOS mobile app.

Work from anywhere

Use go links in your mobile browser or share them with a tap to stay connected on the go.

Go links work with all your workplace apps

Create unlimited go links for your work apps like Google Drive or GitHub.
Create go links for yourself, your team, or your entire company.
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Golinks app hubspot
  • go/tasks
  • go/sequences
  • go/newdeals
Golinks App datadog
  • go/dashboard
  • go/network
  • go/apm
Golinks App dash
  • go/lunch
  • go/menu
  • go/receipts
Golinks App mailchimp
  • go/campaign
  • go/templates
  • go/ads
Golinks App docs
Google Docs
  • go/training
  • go/documentation
  • go/policies
Golinks App aws
  • go/monitor
  • go/logs
  • go/cloudwatch
Golinks App mixpanel
  • go/analytics
  • go/benefits
  • go/handbook
Golinks App github
  • go/git
  • go/releases
  • go/pr
Golinks App jira
  • go/sprint
  • go/backlog
  • go/ticket
Golinks App okta
  • go/sso
  • go/security
  • go/password
Golinks App zoom
  • go/productroom
  • go/meet
  • go/workspaces
Golinks App zenefits
  • go/hr
  • go/benefits
  • go/handbook
Golinks App meet
  • go/meetwith
  • go/standup
  • go/watercooler
Golinks App salesforce
  • go/crm
  • go/deals
  • go/engagement
Golinks App slack
  • go/general
  • go/unread
  • go/files
Golinks App notion
  • go/newdoc
  • go/tasks
  • go/moma
Golinks App workday
  • go/workday
  • go/holidays
  • go/benefits
Golinks App outreach
  • go/deals
  • go/followup
  • go/calllog
Golinks App adp
  • go/mypay
  • go/followup
  • go/calllog

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GoLinks is enterprise-ready with quick integration, top-notch security, SSO, priority support, and more.
GoLinks® Enterprise Security
Enterprise security

Our security and uptimes meet industry and cloud-service standards.

GoLinks SAML Authentication
Single sign-on

OKTA, OneLogin, Azure, Ping, custom SAML, and auto provisioning options.

GoLinks Multiple domains
Multiple domains

Share go links across a few or many domains your company may have.

GoLinks Migrate current solution
Migration support

We take care of migrating over any existing go links and accompanying data.

GoLinks® Enterprise SOC 2 type 2
SOC 2 Type 2

Our commitment to how your data is collected, transported and stored.

GoLinks® Enterprise GDPR
GDPR compliant

Compliant with GDPR and privacy laws around the world.

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99.99% uptime SLA

Delivering maximum reliability to all our customers.

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Annual security audit

Annual application pentests and security testing.

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Happy to find out that Confluent uses one of the commercial go link services - in this case it's @GoLinks. I'm a happy person again.

i'm at the stage of my post-Google life that I just signed up for a @GoLinks. trial because go/ links really are awesome.
If you've ever worked at a large tech company, you've experienced short links that aren't real domains such as //work. Golinks is working to bring this to all organizations. Can see this being ubiquitous across companies in a few years

When I worked at Google, one of my absolute favorite internal tools was go/links.

In short, it let you replace lengthy URLs with shorter go/links.

e.g. go/payroll
@GoLinks lets ANY organization build upon this amazing experience.

I may be late to discovering this - but the value creation in human time saving could be staggering

came across an entire company for simple URLs to get teams on the same page

I ❤️ keyboard shortcuts. While not technically a keyboard shortcut, one of my favorites is using @GoLinks to quickly navigate to a webpage from the browser. I use it to quickly go to @marketo, @salesforce, @outreach_io, and others.

This is awesome! Google and a few other companies have their own custom solutions but it is much needed for everyone else. Kudos to the team on what looks like a slick and super useful product!

It's brilliant and elegant. I so love the Omnibox search feature. Keyboard actions will forever be faster and more satisfying than cursor actions.