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From high school students to business executives, Google Docs is an incredibly popular writing tool, and for good reason. It offers streamlined collaboration live inside of the documents, with no need to download, upload, or rename different versions. While smarter version control does produce fewer files, companies all over the world still have to deal with organizing and locating their hundreds or thousands of Google docs.

An intro to Google Docs links

Each Google Doc is essentially a web page inside of the Google Drive web app. And of course, like any web page, a Google Doc has a unique link. A Google Doc link is usually 80 characters long and consists of both letters and numbers. The length and character combination of each Google Doc link ensures that there are endless combinations, so no two need ever be the same. Google Doc links can easily be shared between team members. They can be emailed or included in task cards in project management software. This is much more efficient than uploading and downloading Word files. The challenge lies in locating Google Docs. This often requires searching through email chains and Slack channels.

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