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Get the most out of Netlify with GoLinks

Netlify is a web development platform that helps enterprises build websites, e-commerce stores, and web apps. As web projects grow in complexity and involve multiple deployments and branches, managing and navigating through Netlify can become time-consuming and challenging. GoLinks solves these problems, empowering you to work efficiently and maximize your productivity within Netlify.

Why use GoLinks for Netlify
  • Quick access to content sources: With GoLinks, you can create short links for specific content sources or Netlify Connect pages. Simply enter the relevant go link, and you'll be directly taken to the desired data source. This saves time and helps you focus on unifying your web architecture.
  • Simplified deployment: GoLinks helps developers access key Netlify Core features faster, ensuring simplified building and deployment of web products. Create go links for instant access to projects, Git repositories, and Deploy Previews that you can share with your team.
  • Streamlined workflows: GoLinks boosts the productivity of every team on Netlify, whether you’re a developer shipping updates or a marketer crafting powerful campaigns. Memorable, shareable go links keep your teams on the same page and ensure frictionless movement between workflows.
  • Seamless integration: GoLinks seamlessly integrates with your existing Netlify workflow. You can create go links directly from within Netlify, ensuring a smooth transition and enhancing your overall experience.

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