GoLinks® integrates with your team’s workflow

GoLinks provides the best way for you to connect with the software you use every day. For a more seamless experience, we’re bringing it to some of your favorite tools and apps.


Share go links directly in Slack channels

Use go links as you normally would in public or private channels of your workspace and receive the clickable go link, go link description, and a preview of the full URL.
GoLinks in Slack conversation

Search for go links in Slack

A few keystrokes to find that resource that’s on the tip of your tongue.
GoLinks in Slack conversation

One-click to add GoLinks to all public channels

Seamlessly add the GoLinks bot to all public channels to avoid the tedious work of manually inviting it one channel at a time.
GoLinks in Slack conversation

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Clickable go links in your docs

Convert all go links used throughout your doc into clickable go links.
GoLinks in Slack conversation

Keep information and resources secure

Destination URLs are hidden and require GoLinks authentication to access.
GoLinks in Slack conversation

No more messy Google Workspace URLs

Referencing other resources in Google Drive, Sheets, or Slides? Say bye to those ugly URLs.
GoLinks in Slack conversation

Add the GoLinks® Google Docs add-on today

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Clickable go links in issue descriptions and comments

Type any go link in issues and the GoLinks Jira app will automatically turn them into clickable links.
GoLinks in Jira descriptions and comments

Variable go link to access every Jira issue

Access all Jira project issues using a singular variable go link, eg. go/issue/4 or go/ticket/3. Watch a tutorial on how to use and create variable go links.
Variable GoLinks in Jira

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Clickable go links in pages

Type any go link on Confluence pages or comments and the GoLinks app will automatically turn them into clickable links.
GoLinks in Confluence page
GoLinks in Confluence page

Clickable go links in comments

Shorten your comment thread and stop posting long ugly URLs. Go links will become clickable automatically, making it easier to scan comments and access resources.
GoLinks in Confluence comments
GoLinks in Confluence comments

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Automate your workflow with the GoLinks Zapier integration

Build Zaps that dynamically trigger when certain events happen in GoLinks or take action in GoLinks based on events in other apps.
GoLinks Zapier integrations

Select from a list of triggers, actions, and searches

GoLinks triggers
  • When a go link is created
  • When a new user joins your GoLinks workspace
GoLinks actions
  • Create a new go link
GoLinks searches
  • Find a go link
  • Get go link metrics
Creating a GoLinks Zapier integration

Start building with the Zapier integration

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Microsoft Teams

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Share go links in MS Teams chats

Use go links in team chats and the bot will respond with a go link thumbnail showing details and a clickable button.
GoLinks in MS Teams Chat

No more messy URLs

Make it easier to scan messages by making long ugly URLs a thing of the past.
No more messy URLs in Microsoft Teams
No more messy URLs in Microsoft Teams

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Browser extensions

Integrate GoLinks with your favorite browser

GoLinks® is available on all major browsers including, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave.
Extension browsers

Use go links directly in your address bar

go/ + keyword
Enable your browser to use the “go/” command to reach any resource.

Create go links from any webpage in seconds

A simple way to create go links for webpages you’re on already without breaking your workflow.

Search golinks from your address bar

go/ + space + keyword
Transform your address bar into a powerful GoLinks search bar. Simply type the command above to see matching results. Not available on Safari.

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